Our goal is to achieve major impact and to secure schooling of 250 girls for a year. This is how your fees (download full details) are split and used*:

Category Feeof which Racepackof which Donation
Individual, 10 km420 HKD 150 HKD270 HKD
Individual, 22 km675 HKD250 HKD425 HKD
Individual, 50 km975 HKD300 HKD675 HKD
Family package**, 10 km1,400 HKD600 HKD800 HKD
Corporate, Any distance8,000 HKD2,000 HKD6,000 HKD

(*) Example: on registering to the 22 km, pay 675 HKD, 250 of which are used to cover organization of the race, and 425 go to Couleurs de Chine. You will receive a tax certificate for 425 HKD.

(**) Family package: 4 persons, at least 1 adult and at least 1 member under 16.

Note: on registration, you can make an extra voluntary donation that will be 100% for the benefit of Couleurs de Chine.

Your Impact

Cost of schooling is as follows:

  • Primary school: 960 HKD per year per child
  • Middle school: 1,440 HKD per year per child
  • High school: 3,000 HKD per year per child

To send a girl to primary school for a year, run 22 km and enroll 3 friends, or run 50 and enroll just one!

Similarly, a corporate team will support 3 girls in high school for a full year!

How can I help?

You can help in many ways:

  1. Register and run!
  2. Get friends and family to sponsor you
  3. Spread the word!


22km and 50km racepacks include a first quality stitch-free T-Shirt by Uglow, designed by Elsa (enroll before September 18).

Smile… It Gives You Wings to Fly!