Couleur de Chine

Couleurs de Chine is an non governmental organization (NGO), created in 1990 by Françoise Grenot-Wang, in order to develop education of girls in the region of Guangxi (South China). Originally cultural, the association took a humanitarian dimension in 1998. 
The charity has benefited from the support of more than 2,500 private sponsors and 30 companies. Thanks to those sponsorships, nearly 4,000 children from the Miao, Yao and Dong minorities are indeed attending schools. 

Since 1998, a total of 11,600 children have been sponsored by Couleurs de Chine. Today, the charity aims at accompanying girls along a full school curriculum, from primary school to university.
Couleurs de Chine’s Hong Kong team

Elsa Jean de Dieu

Elsa Jean de Dieu is a Hong Kong-based French muralist, painter and visual artist. Her inspiring energy and creativity have resulted in commissioned wall design and artworks for a number of high-profile clients including CHANEL Catwalk Singapore as well as Robuchon au Dôme, Macau. Elsa is also a successful and reknown runner! Couleurs de Chine is proud and happy to be supported by Elsa, who brings her expertise to the Flying Colours race.

Vlad Ixel

Vlad Ixel is a professional trail and ultra runner who has won over 100 running races around the world ranging from 5k road races to 100km trail races. Vlad is also an accomplished triathlete – previous world number one age grouper for the 70.3 ironman distance. He’s happy to share his knowledge and expertise with participants, before… and now after the race, with BIX Hydration tablets!

Professional trail runner Vlad Ixel brings BIX Hydration, the first all-in one recovery tablets.

For years Vlad has been using hydration tablets for recovery right after exercise, he would take 4-6 different tablets to give his body the right amounts of vitamins and minerals for the best recovery until he decided to create a recovery hydration tablet that had it all. After 2 years of research and development with a top sports laboratory in Germany, he finally launched the world’s first hydration recovery tablet, Bix Recovery!